About Creations of Magic

I can work with magic all day? Sign me up!

Magic brings much joy to my life. I love to watch it, analyze it and experience magic. They say that if you love what you do then you will never work a day in your life, so I am looking to retire early.

I’m an art major with extreme attention to detail and crafty hands. I co-own an automotive electrical manufacturing company, work full time as a graphic designer/web developer and find the time to be a super dad and husband! My goal with Creations of Magic is to find a way into the magic world. Creating effects with and without electronic props or brainstorming on new possibilities on a daily basis would be an awesome gig! 

I have attended several conventions this year and have gotten the chance to meet some fantastic performers and dealers in the community. With the analogy that Eugene Burger often used: I’m not exactly sure what room in the magic house that I am going to occupy as I am still opening doors; I just know that I want to be in the house.

– Clint