Website Development

We are happy to offer complete website design and development services to those in the magic, theater and film industries. Creations of Magic has a partnership with Skynet Solutions to help offer a turn-key solution for eCommerce and promotional website creation.

• Secured Domain Hosting

• Enterprise Email Hosting

• Website Design and Development

• Payment Gateway and Processing

• Warehosing & Fulfillment Services

Why creations of magic for website development?

With a growing list of people and agencies ready to provide web and professional services why should you choose Creations of Magic? Because we are honest people that take great pride in our work and ethics. I personally have been doing graphic design and web development professionally for 10 years. 

If you want someone to help explain and set up a fully functioning online presence, we can do that…very well.

Whats the catch?

No catch, just an added bonus service for those within the magic and theater professions that are seeking professional  services for developing or starting a website or online eCommerce store.

Contact us to start a conversation about your needed website or eCommerce store today. We don’t bite

See another example of our work here: Steve Lancaster Master Magician

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