Exploration into the Unknown

Exploration into the unknown; isn’t that kinda what magic is like for the spectator? You are experiencing and being a part of something not of this world, something that stretches the limit of possibility and pushes into the realm of the unknown. This is also symbolic of my present move to start a new business and journey into an unknown possibility.

Passion is what drives those into the unknown. Passion drives the performer to learn from his mistakes and connect better on the second performance. Passion is a pure driving energy force that pushes people to explore and question the unknown.

Creations of Magic is my own personal venture into the the magic community. It’s a completely different path from what I could have foreseen in my future but passion drives me into the unknown. All of the products that I will be releasing this year will be named after NASA space shuttles, satellites and campaigns to support my initial theme. Names like: Endeavour, Apollo, Mercury, and Challenger will be future product names.

In a way this new direction in life is also like a race for me. Trying to balance providing for my family, being there for my family, working a professional 9-6 job, and starting new a venture is going to be challenging but hopefully rewarding in the end. Its going to be a dead sprint into the dark so lets get going! I have so many goals for 2019 including new product launches, new tricks, and conventions to attend.

I am very proud and excited that Creations of Magic will be at Magic Live 2019 in Las Vegas as well as the Genii Convention in October. The 2019 Genii Convention has special guests Penn and Teller. I believe attending some Magic Conventions in 2019 will help kick start brand awareness for Creations of Magic and get our name out there. I am hoping that my face-to-face approach will help to establish long lasting business connections in the magic community.

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