Endeavour Magic Light Bulb


Endeavour is a magic light bulb created by Creations of Magic.

This remote controlled led bulb can be used for theatrical or magic presentations and can be controlled by yourself or a stooge within 30 yards. Hand constructed with pride from GE LED bulbs this electronic prop will seem completely ordinary and function magically. There are two versions of this product that are available:

Momentary Version:

The momentary version of the Endeavour magic light bulb means that the bulb will only stay on while the switch is pressed. This version allows for a more "snappy" or quick "flash". This might be considered a better option for close up magicians. Custom made foot switch is included.

Latched Version:

The latched version of the Endeavour magic light bulb means that the bulb will stay on consistently with only one press (and release) of the switch. Another press (and release) of the switch will turn the bulb off. This version allow more flexibility to move around and might be more favorable for stage magicians or theater acts. Custom made foot switch is included.

This product is named after the NASA space shuttle Endeavour. Its my first product and contribution to magic, its my first endeavor into a new space. Read more about my ambitions and motives for approaching this new business venture here.

Why buy this particular bulb? Construction, quality and assurance. I take great pride in the items that I construct and I will stand behind it. If you ever have any problems I will not run away - I will make sure that you are satisfied with your purchase. Lets face it; this is not a cheap item but I want you to feel safe with your purchase.