Invisible Deck


Having a well constructed and quality Invisible Deck that will last you many uses can make or break your performance. I take great pride in everything produced here at Creations of Magic and that belief doesn't stop short of our hand crafted Invisible Decks. Made in the USA and available in Red or Blue Bicycle Rider Back playing cards. Our premium Invisible Decks also come completely sealed, both box sticker and cellophane, for an unrivaled initial magical presentation.

Creations of Magic Invisible deck comes stacked  in way that helps with  instantaneously locating the chosen card without the need for quick math in your head. The video instructions will provide information on how to use and read our invisible deck stack. Our instructions will also provide a unique and powerful routine using the Invisible Deck that you can use in your next performance.

The Invisible Deck is a versatile and classic show ending card trick that is sure to amaze your spectators with every performance. A perfect card trick that can play big anytime for a single one-on-one performance or all the way up to a stage show.

Please Contact Us if you would like to request a specialty invisible deck created.